Are you ready for summer?


Summer is a great time for entertaining friends and family. Below we provide a few easy steps to ensure your home is ready for the endless days of fun:

1. Air Conditioning Service—Make sure your Air Con is running smoothly after the
filters have been cleaned and replaced so you don’t have any surprises when the
temperature reaches the 40s.

2. Roof Care—With the rainy season out of the way, check your roof for any leaks or
problems to avoid permanent water damage later on. Don’t forget to clean those gutters!

3. Pool Maintenance—If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, spring is a great time to make it summer ready by checking the water levels, the pumps and
balancing the chemicals to make it safe and ready for friends and family.

4. And lastly, by considering the environment, our health and the prices of food, we
recommend you get your backyard garden ready by growing your own fruit and vegetables.