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Highbury Homes joined Solar Dwellings and the well-known ABC TV’s Gardening Australia presenter Josh Byrne, to build two 10 star rated energy efficient family homes.
Focusing on building a quality hybrid home featuring:
– Efficient design
– Photovoltaic and battery storage energy systems
– Insulation
– Cladding
– Wall types, star ratings and R-values
– Framed construction
– Recycling and reducing on site waste
– Roofing
The two homes are thermally comfortable all year round without the need for air-conditioning or heating. They generate more electricity than the families’ usage, harvest rainwater, recycle grey water, and share a common garden packed with fruit and vegetables that significantly reduces their grocery bills. The project also demonstrates a more sensitive approach to residential subdivision, maximising the garden area surrounding the homes to allow for natural shading, children’ play spaces and local food production.
Designing and building an energy-efficient home may not be as expensive as you think:
  • providing free home designs ready to use or adapt, saving on design costs
  • specifying common construction techniques and materials that are readily available
  • achieving a higher energy rating which reduces the need for heating and cooling-a major contributor to your energy bills
  • considering good design and construction principles and incorporating the right approach to passive design, materials, insulation, orientation, windows and shading for each climate
  • including key questions to help you get started with your architect, designer or builder
  • providing floor plans with versatile spaces and a small footprint
Being well-informed and making the right decisions early on in the process is key to achieving a cost effective home that suits your lifestyle. Costs can vary significantly depending on your location and the site’s conditions as well as between building companies and their availability. Fixtures and finishes can also have a surprising impact on the overall construction cost – carefully consider details and selections such as custom joinery, lighting, benchtops and tiles.
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