Hard Hat Tours for The Energy Efficient
For many years Highbury Homes have been working with clients in refining the best principles for designing and building energy efficient homes in Perth Western Australian conditions. In doing so we we have produced some fabulous outcomes for our clients, and we are continuing to do so by building a multitude of homes throughout the metropolitan area.

We have found that through innovative design and construction methods we can produce an energy efficient home that leaves a minimised ecological footprint along with the added benefits of:

  • Increased living comfort
  • A new level of design flexibility
  • Reduced living costs. And
  • Reduced time on site whilst building

To help you understand these concepts and methods and how they can apply to your new home, we have commenced offering informative no obligation “hard hat” tours of homes under construction with one of our experienced designers. We have found that these tours help dispel many myths, fill in a lot of blanks and overall serve to assist people in deciding what they want to be included in their next home.

To enrol for our next “hard hat” house tour at a home build near you… click the button below