Last Chance to View This Breathtaking Display Home
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When it comes to display homes –this breathtaking home in Iluka is a sight to behold.

In fact, this display homes comes with a “wow” warning. We guarantee that if at least one of the rooms in this display home doesn’t make you stop and go “Oh wow”, we will donate $10 to charity of your choice.

Packed inside this two-storey masterpiece are some exceptional features. However, thanks to our design team, many of the features can be picked up and placed into your new home wherever and on whatever size block of land you happen to have.

This is why we are known as custom builders, because a Highbury Homes we actually enjoy building homes for people who have their own ideas, lifestyle demands and interior design specifications. At Highbury Homes you are never punished for custom designs and that is why our display homes such as this one called the “Halcyon” in Iluka is open to stimulate your juices and make you dream about what is possible for your new home.

We are passionate about building new homes for people who want to live in more than a designer box. As custom builders we know that every household is unique, has its quirks and lives its life its own way. Whether it be a place to work from as well as live or entertain your gregarious family and friends or a haven to downsize after a long hard stint on the tools at Highbury Homes we work with youto meet your needs as only Perth’s most flexible builder can.

This Halcyon display in Iluka is manned by Bruce our design professional, who is adept in showing you the huge opportunities our home presents but he is trained to explore how you want your newhome to function, operate and present so that you and your family can flourish.

In order to achieve this for you we have assembled the best team possible to guarantee that we can design and build the exact home for you and your family, because if we can’twe doubt anyone else can.

This involves getting to know you and your desires.

Along with our trained design consultant we also provide six hours of specialist interior design skills. This is not a new homes selection person that builders offer, but an independent world class design et al top 25 internationally recognised interior designer –Moda Interiors. Moda are skilled in sitting with clients and finding out how they live and crafting internal spaces accordingly.

It might sound nerdy but at Highbury we love building custom homes so much we even take pictures of the most intricate details and use them to explain to clients where the value in a custom build exists and how this attention to detail results in a fantastic return on investment no matter the budget.