Our Services

Highbury Homes Custom Builders

We are custom builders, and we are passionate about building new homes for people who want to live in more than a designer box.
We have assembled the best team possible, led by owners Chris Bishop, John Beattie and Jim DeBaughn, to guarantee that we can design and build the exact home for you and your family, because if we can’t we doubt anyone else can.
A team with over thirty years’ experience, we know that every household is unique, has its quirks and lives its life its own way. Whether it be a place to work from as well as live or entertain your gregarious family and friends or a haven to downsize after a long hard stint on the tools at Highbury Homes we work with you to meet your needs as only Perth’s most flexible builder can.
We always custom design a home with the flexibility to consider the use of the internal space as vitally important. How you and your family live, interact and generally use the rooms and various zones of the house are of significant consideration to our team of Architects and Designers.
The location, orientation and individual qualities of your site is of prime consideration early in the design process to maximise what can be achieved to accentuate the benefits and features of not only the home but the land it is to be built upon.
Traditionally the Kitchen has been considered the heart of the home – the ‘Centre of the Universe’ however, more and more as trends alter, our designs serve to translate our experience and in collaboration with discussions held with our clients, enables us to demonstrate the ability to adapt a new home to the many varied situations that families visualise in the creation of their own home. For example, does a family need to have a design to accommodate parents ageing with them, young people requiring a separate area for study or a home that acts both as a place to work from and live a relaxing hassle-free life.
Our custom built and designed homes offer fabulous responses to the specific needs of clients.