What is a Custom Home Builder ?
What is a Custom Home Builder

People often ask… What is a Custom Home Builder ?

At Highbury Homes  we specialise in custom designing a new home. Our expertise is in the use of internal spaces and we see that as vitally important. How you and your family live, interact and generally use the rooms and zones of the house are of significant importance to our team of Architects and Designers.

The location, orientation and individual qualities of your site in which you have chosen to build your new home is of prime consideration early in the design process to maximise what can be achieved to accentuate the benefits and features of, not only the home, but of the land it sits upon.

Traditionally we find that the Kitchen has been considered the heart of the home – the ‘Centre of the Universe’ however, more and more, as trends evolve, our designs serve to translate based on our experience and collaboration with our clients into an even more meaningful response.

3 Key steps that we follow in Custom Designing a New Home are:

  1. We ask you to tell us how you want to live in the home.
  2. We then draw you a plan as a response to your desires, budget and site specifics.
  3. We liaise to future proof your home.

Step 3 – future proofing your home is what sets us apart as custom home designers and builders. We know that In the future your home may need to evolve, a family may need to accommodate parents ageing with them, young people requiring a separate area for study or a home that acts both as a place to work from and live a relaxing hassle-free life.

Our custom-designed and built homes offer fabulous responses to the specific needs of clients.

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